Thursday, August 9, 2018

approach to lost file recovery for windows

As mobile phone is popular in the community in recent years, the usages of mobile phone become more and more. And with the wide spread of the computer virus, image loss is becoming more and more frequent for computer users. Many users may think of conducting picture restoration from memory card at first. However, if users know the reason why the pictures get lost, the recovery will be easier.

However, for the users who are strange to photo recovery, it will be a piece of hard work. Because if they choose the bad picture recovery tool, maybe more damage will be brought to the photos. How to choose a reliable picture recovery tool is the key point for carrying out the image recovery. There is a large quantity of best backup software free on the market indeed, but lots of the recovery tools are defective in functions.

If this reason leads to the data loss, it is hard to recover the lost data. While if the accident is caused by soft failure, some actions can be taken to find the lost data back. Here. We’d like to introduce a means of how to conduct Windows 7 image restoration on users’ own. 

It is called Power Data Recovery, a recovery tool specially designed for recovering data and images. What’s more, it is free to download and available to all Windows users. A simple introduction to the picture restoration from memory card will be provided to those users who are unfamiliar with the pc backup software.

Run Power Data Recovery to get this interface. Choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” module to start. Then, select the partition from which users deleted some useful pictures and click “Scan” to scan it fully. The found pictures will be listed in the recovered files. Users can check them by clicking “File Preview” and then select the needing ones to recover by clicking “Save Files”. After setting the saving location, users just need to click “OK” on the pop-up interface to end the whole process to retrieve deleted pictures.

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